“People of Carmen”

People of Carmen (P.O.C.) - A podcast by an Arabic woman who lives in Berlin, works in tech all day and does stand up comedy at night. The show addresses challenging topics; politics in the Middle East, the situation of Arabs living abroad, feminism, stand up comedy and more. These themes are examined from a fresh, new and honest perspective!




“Comedy in Four Languages”



Carmen Chraim


Born and raised in Lebanon, she wins over the crowds with her high energy presence & rapid-fire anecdotes. Thanks to her Middle Eastern background, passion for hummus, deep experience with Germans and sarcastic political views, she’s often seen as an alternative Arab success story that hasn’t yet been discovered by the media.

Carmen started doing comedy back in the day when there was only one open mic in Berlin. She contributed to the growth of the comedy scene by producing many successful shows like Comedy Auf Deuglish, Teepeeland Stands Up, Stand Up Saturdays… and has been co hosting one of the longest running weekly shows in Berlin: Monday Night Mics.
Carmen has been performing her solo show for several years and has opened for many international touring comedians including: Todd Barry, Judah Friedlander, Andy Haynes, Lisa Curry…

If you don’t hear her voice in Berlin, no worries, because she’s been touring in many cities: Krakow, Warsaw, Budapest, Barcelona, Helsinki, German cities, Luxembourg, Brussels, other German cities, Amsterdam, Prague, Brno, Zurich, Edinburgh fringe festival…




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